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How Does One Love Oneself?

When you are in your "stuff", that "stuff" is your unfinished Mommy/Daddy business, your negative love patterns, and the "No" of the Collective Consciousness. This is called the negative pole. The feelings of the negative pole are paralysis and inertia.

Let us look at the positive pole. The Soul is present here, as well as all positive thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. This is the pole of change.

"Change is an aspect of Love going from the present vibration
to a higher vibration in an upward spiraling pattern

The question is, how do we move from the negative pole to the positive pole? There is only one passageway from the negative to the positive. It is through your Heart. There is only one energy more powerful than the negative pole. It is Love. It is a specific kind of Love. It is called Self-Love. This is one aspect of Divine Love. The self/ego is a contracted vibration of God. By Loving the self, the energy goes from contraction to expansion; from negative to positive. If you Love yourself enough, you will move through your Heart to the negative pole, and begin The Work of bringing all your negative thoughts, feelings, words, and actions to Consciousness. The energy of your Self-Love will begin the movement of these negative patterns through your Heart, and toward the positive pole of your Soul. It takes stamina, courage, strength, relentless attention, and great Self-Love, to move from inertia into momentum toward the positive pole. This momentum is sustained and maintained by your Self-Love. It will require the use of your Spiritual muscle to continue The Work once you have begun. Loving self includes eating properly, drinking plenty of water, exercising, sitting in the Silence, and doing all the Practices.

Remember, the Practices are:


Give thanks unceasingly.

Praise God, which you are, unceasingly.

Make the calls in the Christ unceasingly.

Practice the Language of Light unceasingly.

Raise your core body temperature daily.

Do the ego process daily.

Sit in the Silence one hour daily.

Reference Soul in all decision-making


All the Practices are a Conscious act of Self-Love. Through the Practices the self comes into alignment with the Soul.



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