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Dark Night of the Ego - to be in a state of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical crisis affecting all 4 of the lower bodies; has nothing to do with the Soul; is about your unfinished Mommy/ Daddy business. (see Unfinished Mommy/Daddy Business)


Dark Night of the Sole/Soul - a fallacy; the Soul has no darkness, evil, stains, etc…really referring to the ego in it's own distress and drama.
 Lite meaning: "O Soulo Mio, I am always alone in my own stuff," cries the ego.


1. The moving out of one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and back to the immortal, unlimited, unceasing energy of Soul.
2. Usually refers to the cessation of living, however, death occurs throughout life as well.
3. Moving from the form into formlessness.
4. Unwillingness to change the attachment to old identities, beliefs, habits is "living your death".

Lite meaning:
Death is Life's best friend.

 Death is not a dead end.


Defense - one of the functions of the ego, based on the idea that there are things outside of yourself that could or would do harm to you. (see Egoic Functions)
 Lite meaning: One of mankind's tools to protect his or her identity from being "slam-dunked" by another.


Divine - a quality of Godness.
 Lite meaning: The taste of chocolate mousse.


Divine Awareness - the wisdom of All That Is and ever shall be. This Consciousness is all encompassing. It holds within itself all form and formlessness, all polarities, time and space, illusion and reality, life and death, nothing and everything. It has no beginning and no ending. To be in human form and experience Divine Awareness is to transcend limitations of all kinds. One experiences limitlessness.


Divine Consciousness - another way of describing or expressing the energy of God. Pure undifferentiated awareness of Being; without beginning or end; Alpha and Omega; the In-Breath and Out-Breath of God; the All in All.


Divine Detachment - a state of impersonal observation of self, others, all events, life in general; from the viewpoint of the Soul, having loving acceptance of all outcomes. Seeing with Divine Detachment is really seeing the Big Picture. It is the most loving and caring act. It means not being seduced by the illusions of the seeming reality called Life. (see Big Picture, Watcher)


Divine Father - all Creation expressing/manifesting.


Divine Love - Conscious Love : the sustaining energy of Being in the Serene Center of Being within the Heart. (see Being)


Divine Mother - all Creation awaiting expression; the womb of all Creation.


Divine Order - a state of Consciousness held by Soul. Everything happens according to what one needs to experience to grow and to change; to "wake up". It is not that things are preordained or as "Fate would have it". It is about choice; the Soul's choice to bring each experience that a person needs to "wake up". Nothing happens in the dramas that we create that is not in Divine Order. All dramas are Divine Setups. We are free to accept or not to accept Divine Order: to "wake up" or to remain asleep. However, from the viewpoint of Soul, (the Bigger Picture) that is how things are. (see Big Picture, Drama)


Divine Setup - any and all situations created by Soul/God, which we are, that offer the opportunity for spiritual growth, change, greater awareness, and waking up. For example: all "real life" situations such as, drama, conflicts, war, famine, death, birth, divorce, marriage, sexual problems, hair loss, bad hair days, inheritances, "accidents", etc…
 Lite meaning: in other words, any situation, period.


DO DA DAY - all the seemingly important "stuff" of our lives that is ultimately inconsequential in the Bigger Picture. (see Big Picture)


Dogma - a system of doctrines containing Sacred Cows proclaimed as true by a religious sect.


Don't Take Your Life So Personally - living in Soul-centered awareness, in the Impersonal, while living simultaneously in the world; not in any way escaping from life, but actually fully embracing your humanity.


Doorway to Illumination - Soul agreements to embody with the challenging aspects of personality, circumstances, behaviors, afflictions, traits, beliefs, agendas, dramas, concerns, and so forth. The ego has taken these on. They are specifically designed to propel one's evolution towards Self Realization.
 Lite meaning: Basically you gotta learn to love everything you hate (cuz that's the stuff that your Soul has chosen for you to experience and to transform/transcend).Good Luck! Should you decide to accept this mission, your mind will disavow all knowledge of this agreement until you decide to wake up.

Drama - an addiction to the roller-coaster reality created by the ego and fed by adrenaline: includes positions of victim, persecutor, and savior. (see Triangulation)
 Lite meaning: Addictive choice of drug for humanity.

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