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Faith - confident belief in the truth of a person, idea, or thing. This belief is not based on logical proof. With Faith, one has hope, Trust, Love, and certainty that God is.


Fear - the withholding of love from self and usually another; the motivating force that drives much of what occurs in the collective consciousness; the energy behind the 6 Ego functions: judgment, criticism, protection, defense, control, and manipulation. ( see Egoic functions)
 Lite meaning: F - False
E - Experience
A - Appearing
R - Real


Feelings - the expression and sensation of emotion; created, expressed and stored in the emotional body.


Finite - existing or enduring for a limited time only.
 Lite meaning: for example, your patience is finite.


Form - the physical universe; that which is manifest; the entirety of the earth plane.
 Lite meaning: that which goes bump in the night on the way to the bathroom.


Formless - the unmanifest, that which encompasses the form within itself; it coexists with all forms on the earth plane. Form cannot exist without the Formless. (see Inner Planes)


4 Lower Bodies - the Home of the ego; the ego is fully resident in all 4 lower bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.


4 Step Process To Manifestation:
1. Surrender....... to allow oneself to be in alignment with Soul/God.
2. Infilling.......... to allow the Divine to enter into the Channel of Light and inspire creativity in all four of the lower bodies.
 3. Integration..... to allow the Divine inspiration and creativity to become part of one's thought, feelings, and actions; to prepare to act on this inspiration and creativity.
4. Manifestation. to take action on the inspiration/creativity; to manifest into form that which was formless.



Functional Samadhi or Normalized Ecstasy/Bliss - a state of Divine Awareness wherein the individual is able to function in the world all the while maintaining a fully awakened state of Consciousness.
 Lite meaning: "Everybody needs samadhi to Love."
"God bliss you."


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