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Garment of Light - when one commits consciously to giving his/her life to the Divine, one puts on the Garment of Light as a statement of that commitment. The Garment of Light is a metaphor which describes the Conscious release of the Shadow, thus bringing in more Light into one's life. Life ceases to be held as a personal adventure and becomes the service of Being to humanity and God.


Gate Keeper - an illumined one who stands at the gateway between the form and the formless, Life and Death; to "hold the energy" and assist others in crossing into the next vibration. This may occur whether in or out of embodiment.


God - All That Is, the Divine, Divine Mother, Divine Father, Source.
 Lite meaning: Yo! It's You; the one who is reading this. Remember?


God Direct - going to the Source (Divine Consciousness, Eternity) without going through the church, priest, guru, Spirit guides, angels etc.
 Lite meaning: Cut out the middle man.


God Thoughts - The Esoteric Teachings:
1. God is
2. God is Love
3. I am Love
4. I am God
5. Everything is God
6. Everything is important and nothing is important
7. Everything is illusion back to God
8. Everything is already accomplished; all you do is bring your Consciousness to it
9. Divine Order is always in place
10. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do
11. Show up and be lovingly present, no matter what it looks like out there or inside yourself
12. Always speak the Truth of your Heart
13. Self-Love
14. Have the patience and persistence to practice your Truth
  (see Esoteric Teachings)


Gold - the Gift of Love; this is Sacred Alchemy; transforming all of our negative patterning, rules, admonitions, behaviors, beliefs, destructive tendencies, and egoic functions into the Truth which is Love. (see egoic functions)


Group Soul Body - the spiritual energy configuration that is created when two or more are gathered in Consciousness. The Souls of all present, whether in or out of the body, create the Group Soul Body. This refers to Jesus' quote "when two or more are gathered in my name"; the energy of all in this configuration is multiplied 10,000 times 10,000 times.


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