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Heart - where the Soul awaits in the embodiment; where the Voice of Soul is heard; the Authentic Voice of a Conscious individual speaks from here; the Serene Center of Being within the Heart; not necessarily referring to the physical organ per se.


Heaven - to know that you are God; to live from this Truth 24 hours a day unceasingly; to no longer feel alone wherever you go; to know that you will never die; to not have to worry; to know that you are One with everything and everyone; to take full responsibility for All That Is; to know that you can and do create whatever you wish in each moment; to relax and surrender and know that everything is in Divine Order; to really start to enjoy this illusion that we call Life.
 Lite meaning: to live in a state of perpetual multiple orgasms.


Hell - to be in a state of Spiritual crisis, unaware of your connection to God, which you are, or to the bliss that comes from being Self-Realized. To continually operate from ego. To be "caught in the illusion" that suffering and pain are real. To live in suffering is to kill yourself or another continually with judgment.
 Lite meaning: driving alone in bumper to bumper traffic with diarrhea. Oh Rats!


Holding the Energy/Space - this means the ability to hold Soul Consciousness (maintaining the vibration) while others express or act out any ego drama. (see Holding the Pole)


Holding the Pole - standing in Consciousness and holding the field of energy in form and formlessness. Holding the Love vibration constantly so that others may experience what they need to go through (egoically) to get the Teaching. Being in service. (see God Thoughts - The Teachings)
 Lite meaning: In race car parlance, it means being on the inside track, the most advantageous position…yeah, that's it.


Humanity - the quality, condition, or fact of being human in embodiment; home of the collective consciousness.
 Lite meaning: that homogeneous blob of awareness that rises to the occasion when its back is to the wall or its turf is threatened.


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