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Past Lives, Simultaneous - other aspects of your Oversoul of which you may have awareness, or not. All these "past" lives are really occurring at this moment in the eternal Now. (see Oversoul)

Ego perspective/past lives

Ego Perspective - past lives


Soul perspective/past lives

Soul Perspective - past lives


Path - an ancient term used to denote "the way" for one who is a seeker of Truth and the Meaning of Life. Actually there is no special path to follow because wherever one is, is where one is. There is no other road to follow. It is the Pathless Path.


Pathless Path - wherever you are right now is your evolution back to the full awareness of God, which you are.
 Lite meaning: (X) you are here!
Wherever you go, there you are.

Payoff - usually refers to a negative "reward" for maintaining some sort of drama or triangulation. The payoff keeps us anchored in the negative pattern because it feeds the ego's need to judge, criticize, control, manipulate, protect, or defend. The payoff is something that is greater than your desire to Change. It is more powerful than the love you have for yourself at this moment. (see Change, Drama, Triangulation)


Payoff Lifetime - this is the lifetime when you finally "get" what is going on. You know what life is all about. You move in full Consciousness toward Self-Realization. This is the lifetime where it all comes together for you, as in the "Payoff".


Peace - inner contentment; serenity. This is a Soul quality. (see Soul Qualities)
 Lite meaning:  Peace: the price of nonresistance.


Personal - a narrow band of awareness that represents the ego's way of perceiving life. It consists of all your identities, your history, your beliefs, your thoughts, your feelings, your dreams, your desires. In other words, all that you identify as you.


Physical Body - the physical body contains a subtle energy body; it is the most dense of all the 4 lower bodies. (see Bodies, Lower Bodies)


Planes - refers to all dimensions of Reality/Illusion that coexist simultaneously with each other and where each one of us has an existence.


Polarities - (see Negative And Positive Polarity)

1. Self Love is the bridge between all negative and positive polarities.
2. What takes one from the positive polarity back to the negative polarity is self-doubt, self-hatred and self-loathing (all negative perceptions of self and others.)
3. How do you move out of inertia or negative perception?
4. To move out of inertia or stuckness, you will need to find something or someone which inspires you. Inspiration is the key to Self-motivation, which will ultimately free you from inertia. A Self-motivated person is the creator of his/her own reality rather than being created by circumstances or individuals outside him/herself. He/she is proactive rather than reactive.

Polarities Picture


Positive Polarity - Self-love, self-acceptance, self-nurturing; some of the Soul qualities: Love, peace, joy, enthusiasm, creativity, harmlessness, selflessness, and spontaneity etc…(see Soul)


Prayer - you, as Divine Consciousness, pray yourself into Being; into manifestation. You, as self, receive the prayers of the Divine and translate them into words, song, sound. Listen to the prayer that God is praying for you. When you pray for others, hold the loving space for them to awaken to the prayer that Divine Consciousness is praying for them. Prayer is awaiting everyone in their Heart.


Presence - a way of Being that one projects into the world, such as a presence of peace; The I Am Presence; the Presence of God made manifest through you.
 Lite meaning: We are all gifts from God, also known as Presence.


Presence Of God - a quality that one, who is in full Consciousness, carries with them wherever they go. This Presence is felt in our innermost core: the Serene Center of our Being within our Hearts. It is stillness, vastness, Love, serenity, wisdom, compassion, joy etc…


Protection - one of the six egoic functions involving the need to be on guard at all times so as to protect against one's supposed enemies ie…outer enemies: your neighbors, other races, all suspicious people, other religions. Inner enemies: shame, blame, rage, guilt, etc…The outer enemies are the symbolic manifestations of the inner enemies. (see Egoic Functions)
 Lite meaning: One of mankind's tools to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease.


Psychic Energy - pertains to an energy of the 4 lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) where the ego is fully resident; has nothing to do with the Soul, Christ Consciousness, or Buddhic Awareness. This energy is very seductive and often "traps" people in it's strong illusion. The ego thrives on psychic energy. It is the perfect way not to take responsibility for what you are creating in your life.


Psychological Perspective - insights, analysis, and realizations which bring understanding to the egoic functions and unfinished Mommy/Daddy business. Soul agreements include and use psychological perspectives. (see Egoic Functions, Soul Agreements, Unfinished Mommy/Daddy Business)


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