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Sacred - honoring the Divine nature of Life and God within all things. The Work consists of bringing the mundane into sacredness. An ordinary living becomes an extraordinary life, when lived as sacred.


Sacred Cows - those beliefs or philosophies that are held as immutable.
 Lite meaning: those prime cuts of illusion that are being methodically slaughtered here.


Sacred Erotica - honoring the Creative and Procreative aspects of sexual energy; seeing the energy of Love flowing within the erotic; honoring the sacredness of erotic pleasure.


Savior Complex - a common illusion held by many on a spiritual path who believe that there are those who need "saving" and undertake to do so.
 Lite meaning: a building where Avatars hang out, similar to the Pentagon.


Self-Love - the way you come into Self-Realization as God, which you are. Learning to love every aspect of yourself and humanity is probably the most challenging task of becoming enlightened. It takes complete transformation of the ego-self to Love. Any aspects of the ego-self left unloved keep you bound to the inner and outer drama.
 Lite meaning: Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.


Self-Realization - the awareness of our complete and indivisible union with God, which we are. This also means that the ego-self has come to know itself so clearly, so lovingly, so wisely that it is no longer run by the Shadow. When one is in the Illumined State or Self-Realized, there ceases to be any more inner or outer drama. The personal ego-self has surrendered fully and willingly into the loving embrace of the Soul. (see Shadow)
 Lite meaning:  Oh my God, it's me!


Serene Center of Your Being within Your Heart - this is the "place" where you connect with your Soul. Your Soul resides here within you. It is a "place" of utter peace and tranquility. It is a "place without space" as it is not limited by, or to, time and space.


Seven Theaters - a basic description of seven planes within the Inner Planes. Imagine yourself in a movie complex which has seven theaters with a different movie in each theater. All are running simultaneously all the time.

The home of the ego.
The ego is attached to illusion, separation, and expectations.
The ego is addicted to the drama: individual drama and the collective drama.
The ego resides in the four lower bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
The ego functions are judgment/criticism, control/manipulation, and protection/defense, all fear-based and fed by rage.
The ego lives in the collective consciousness.
The ego/collective consciousness answers every question with "no"
The ego is addicted to "doing".

The Soul resides on the Inner Planes and in the Serene Center of your Being within you Heart.
The Soul asks the question "What is really going on here?"
The answer Soul gives to any question is "yes".
The Soul encompasses Wisdom, Love, and At-one-ment.
The Soul has within itself Divine Love, Christ Consciousness, and Buddhic Awareness.
Some of the Soul qualities are love, enthusiasm, spontaneity, creativity, simplicity, joy, and peace.
The Soul is Impersonal, the Watcher, Omnipresent.
The Soul speaks the Language of Light through symbols, sound, silence, form, and formlessness.
The Soul holds the "Big Picture".
The Soul is God Consciousness.
The Soul is "Being" as opposed to "Doing".

THEATER THREE - The Divine Father
The Divine Father is all Creation expressing.
The Divine Father is manifestation: that which is created and continues the creative process.
The Divine Father is "Doing".
The Divine Father is Light.
The Divine Father is birthed by the Divine Mother.
The Divine Father is represented on the earth plane by the symbol of the sun.

THEATER FOUR - The Divine Mother
The Divine Mother is all Creation awaiting expression.
The Divine Mother is symbolized as the womb, gestation, nurturing, stillness, and the void.
The Divine Mother is unceasingly birthing from Darkness into Light.
The Divine Mother holds Light within the Darkness.
The Divine Mother births the Divine Father.
The Divine Mother is represented on the earth plane by the symbols of the moon and the ocean.

THEATER FIVE - The Original Impulse of Creation
The Original Impulse of Creation is the Divine Spark.
The Original Impulse of Creation is the pause; the space between the impulse to create and creation.
The Original Impulse of Creation is both implosion and explosion.
The Original Impulse of Creation is impetus and stimulus.
The Original Impulse of Creation is that which brings everything and anything into existence from the Divine Mother and through the Divine Father.

THEATER SIX - The Out-Breath of God
The Out-Breath of God Is absolute, complete, pure, total, and unconditional.
The Out-Breath of God is the Father, Light, Creation expressing.
The Out-Breath of God is the Continuum of Consciousness of all that exists in form and formlessness.
The Out-Breath of God is eternal and sustains the Continuum of Consciousness in form and formlessness.
The Out-Breath of God occurs simultaneously with the In-Breath of God having no beginning and no ending.
The Out-Breath of God and the In-Breath of God is the penultimate basis of Being.

THEATER SEVEN - The In-Breath of God
The In-Breath of God is absolute, complete, pure, total, and unconditional.
The In-Breath of God is the Divine Mother, the womb of all Creation; She is All Creation Awaiting Expression.
The In-Breath of God is the Continuum of Consciousness of all that exists in form and formlessness.
The In-Breath of God is eternal and sustains the Continuum of Consciousness in form and formlessness.
The In-Breath of God occurs simultaneously with the Out-Breath of God having no beginning and no ending.
The In-Breath of God and the Out-Breath of God is the penultimate basis of Being.
The In-Breath of God is the final and absolute return of the form and the formless back to the Source of the All in All.


Shadow - all our negative thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, both covert and overt. It is our unfinished Mommy/Daddy business and what runs us 24 hours a day. It is all the negative imprinting from our childhood that we carry with us into adulthood. From the Watcher's perspective, the Shadow is the Doorway to our Illumined State or Self-Realization. (see Doorway to Illumination, Self-Realization, Watcher)


Shame - the feeling of being flawed and diminished and never measuring up. This is known as toxic shame because it is a constant in your life, causing you to feel defective and unworthy of love. The root of this is generally found in childhood, growing up in a shaming family. For example, your father said: "you are stupid." This conveys the idea that there is something bad about you that can never be changed.


Silence, The - sitting silently within the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart; observing any thoughts or feelings that occur. Not engaging those thoughts or feelings, but bringing them into the Heart, and continuing to practice being the Watcher/Soul. (see Soul, Watcher)


Simultaneous past lives - all of your "previous" incarnations which are happening at this very moment in different vibrational frequencies on the Inner Planes. (see Past Lives)
 Lite meaning: All of me, why not take all of me?


Soul - the medium through which the Divine (God) makes Itself, Himself, Herself known to us; the personal/ impersonal connection to God; your eternal Being. It acts as a transformer: stepping down the Divine vibration to a vibrational frequency compatible with human consciousness.


Soul Agreements - these are, quite literally, agreements made within each Soul and between Souls, usually prior to incarnation. These then, play themselves out in the form of dramas, Divine Setups, coincidences, synchronicities, occurrences, "accidents", and so forth. The Soul actually chooses these "happenings" to occur so that the ego-self can experience life. Thereby, the "happenings" are imprinted upon the Soul fragment for clearing at a later time. The Soul is a continuum of energy which is fearless, deathless, and committed to change. Every relationship you have, no matter how large, small, long, or short, is a Soul agreement playing itself out. Soul agreements can only be changed or new Soul agreements made by an Illumined Being: one who is Self-Realized.


Soul Fragment - these are "lines" of energy that descend from the Oversoul into the present embodiment. Soul fragments anchor in the embodiment and have identities as you and me. They are also energies such as Christ Consciousness and Buddhic Awareness. Soul fragments are imprinted (like a hand print in soft clay) with all the experiences of earthly life for clearing at a later time.


Soul Infused - that which carries the energy of Soul Awareness within itself. All of the four lower bodies, (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) are destined to become completely Soul infused, if that is your choice. As one moves in Conscious Awareness as Soul, all the thoughts, feelings, actions, creations, and mundane "doings" of everyday life become Soul infused, sacred.


Soul Perspective - the Big picture, Love, the "Isness," Neutrality. The Soul perspective is seeing things as the Soul sees them. The Soul is The Watcher of all drama, separation, death, birth and the ego. The Soul is not effected by these earth plane illusions. The Soul does not hold any of these earth plane illusions within itself. It knows the Continuum of Consciousness, Being, Effortlessness, Love, Oneness, Joy, Peace, Divinity, God, Eternity and much more.


Soul Qualities - 1.

(these are but a few of the Soul qualities)

Space - the infinite expansion of the multi-dimensional field of everyday life. It is measurable and measureless, infinite and finite, form and formless.


Space Is My Lover - space is an illusion. In Truth, we really go nowhere. Thus, making space a companion in life, not something that restricts us.
 Lite meaning: I love your open spaces.


Spirit Into Form - when that which is formless (pure Spirit) manifests into form. For example: creative process; taking an inspiration and creating a book, writing a song, etc…Making the mundane Sacred--to do this, you must bring Spirit into form.


Spiritual Arrogance - applies to one who believes that he or she is spiritually superior to another. In reality, this person is really coming from a place of inferiority and needs to boost his or her ego.


Spiritual Body - the subtle energy body that is of the highest vibration of the 4 lower bodies. It holds the desires and inclinations of spiritual matters. The ego is fully resident here. (see Bodies, Lower Bodies)


Spiritual Muscle - is the ability to "hold" a Soul-centered Consciousness for a duration of time. This "muscle" is developed over time by doing the Practices, the Work, moving in Consciousness, exercising your physical body with regularity, expressing your feelings, and having the persistence and patience to practice (and speak) your truth 24 hours a day, unceasingly.


Spontaneity - unpremeditated, impulsive; Heartfelt response. This is a Soul quality. (see Soul Qualities)


Steps to Change a Negative Feeling to Love:

1. Name the feeling.
There are many negative love patterns and much Unfinished Mommy/Daddy Business that create negative feelings in the emotional body. 'Anger' will be used as an example here.
2. Decide - Do I want to keep the feeling (anger)?
A. If you want to keep the feeling (anger), that means the feeling (anger) is still your teacher. You have not yet learned everything that feeling (anger) wishes to teach you. You are getting a payoff from maintaining that feeling (anger). The payoff is something that is greater than your desire to change. Change is an aspect of Love going from the present vibration to a higher vibration in an upward spiraling pattern. This means that you do not love yourself enough to change the feeling (anger) into love. The payoff is more powerful than the love you have for yourself at this moment.
B. You are ready to change the feeling (anger).
3. Feel the feeling (anger).
4. Visualize the feeling (anger) moving up into your Heart from your emotional body.
5. Embrace the feeling (anger) in your Heart.
6. Watch the feeling (anger) go from the present vibration to a higher vibration up the spiraling pattern, until you see it has become Light. Love is Light.
7. Change will occur when you move from the present vibration to a higher vibration in an upward spiraling pattern. You will know that this feeling (anger) has been fully transformed into Love when you experience the feeling of JOY! Be assured that within three days of changing this feeling (anger) into Love, one or more situations will occur in your world to which you previously reacted in the old way (with anger). If you still react in the old way (with anger), you know you have more work to do with the process described above. If, however, you respond in Love/joy to this given situation, then you will know that your feeling (anger) has been changed completely by the process. Please remember, the ego is committed to the old feeling (anger). Therefore, you may have to do an ongoing practice of the process around that feeling (anger) until you have developed enough spiritual muscle to maintain the JOY.

LOVE lives in the HEART!
JOY is the FEELING aspect of Love!
LOVE is Light!


Surrender - Step 1 of the 4 Step Process to manifest Spirit into Form. This is a Conscious act. The ego must step aside before Surrender can occur. Invite the ego to rest in the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart. You will feel the mind, the emotions, and the body become quiet. This quietness is the sign that Surrender has begun. (see 4 Step Process to Manifestation)



Sword of Truth - a metaphor for wielding Love as a sword. Using it to sever lines of negative attachment to parental patterns, rules, admonitions, other people, and situations that keep us from living in the Truth of our Being.


Symbols - from the Soul Perspective everything happening within us and in front of us is a series of symbols that only the Soul can interpret. Our practice is to ask Soul unceasingly to give us the Divine interpretation of all the symbols in our lives. Some of the most challenging symbols are found within ourselves in the form of the Shadow. (see Shadow)


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