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Taking Responsibility - the act of fully accepting, owning, and acknowledging the fact that you have created everything in your life as it is. Once you take responsibility for your life, you no longer need to play victim, savior, or persecutor. The triangle is broken when you take responsibility for all 3 positions: victim, savior, and persecutor. When the triangle is broken, you create your life from choice rather than old limiting and destructive patterns that have run your life. (see Triangulation)


Teacher In The Christ - one who communicates a given Teaching to another who has not been present for said Teaching. The Teacher and the Teaching stand in Love, Wisdom, and Truth.


The Beloved - God within all things, yourself; that which one cherishes outside (seemingly) of oneself which is really oneself.
Lite meaning: I am the object of my affection. Not the object of my affliction.


The Big Lie - all of the negative patterning, negative imprinting, negative feelings: shame, guilt, fear, etc…Anything that says we are not good enough, unworthy, or inherently evil; the covert and overt messages from our families, religion, education, and society. Basically, just about anything the ego says is "true". The Big Lie says we are separate from God, from each other, and from our own Love.
Lite meaning: Examples of the Big Lie:
1. God is dead
2. Death is a dead end
3. The check's in the mail
4. Just a minute.
5. I'll be right back.

The Esoteric Teachings:
1. God is
2. God is love
3. I am love
4. I am God
5. Everything is God
6. Everything is important and nothing is important
7. Everything is illusion back to God
8. Everything is already accomplished; all you do is bring your Consciousness to it
9. Divine Order is always in place
10. There is no place to go and nothing to do
11. Show up and be lovingly present, no matter what it looks like out there or inside yourself
12. Always speak the Truth of your Heart
13. Have the patience and persistence to practice your Truth
14. Self-Love


The Practices:
Sit in the Silence one hour daily
Do the ego process daily
Give thanks unceasingly
Practice the Language of Light unceasingly
Praise God, which you are, unceasingly
Make the calls in the Christ unceasingly
Raise your core body temperature daily
Reference Soul in all decision-making


The 3 P's - this refers to the Patience and Persistence to Practice your Truth 24 hours a day unceasingly.


The Three Second Warning - the informing of one's intention to express a negative feeling, such as anger, with another. Giving the other person three seconds in which to go into a neutral position and hold the space so that the anger may be expressed and received in a harmless manner. This is a Conscious act.


The Work - the entire process of awakening to Soul and living a Soul- centered life consciously 24 hours a day unceasingly, living as God. (see Self-Realization)


Time - an illusion; a quality of the egoic earth plane: dividing Eternity into byte-sized chunks called moments. Then pretending that we don't have enough of them to do what is unimportant, anyway.


Time Is My Lover - making friends with the illusion of time; operating within the framework of time/space, but no longer being a "slave" to it. Knowing that Eternity encompasses Time. Thus, allowing Time to serve you just as gravity serves you.
Lite meaning: This is one lover that will last til the end of time.


Transcendence - the art of totally immersing oneself in something with the intention of moving beyond it; a paradox. Seeing clearly the illusion of life, while concurrently being present in it.
Lite meaning: Pretty weird, cool place to be! This takes the boredom out of sex or anything else for that matter.


Transition - usually refers to moving from Life to Death; to the other side. Moving from the earth plane to the Inner Planes.
 Lite meaning: When your earth plane vehicle is having problems with its transition, take it to I-Am-Co, the transition specialists. We will get your ass in gear, wherever you're headed.


Triangulation - an egoic energy pattern whose chief quality is denial of responsibility. It involves a victim, a savior and a persecutor. The victim is one who suffers injury, loss, or death. The savior is one who rescues something or someone from any drama, real or imagined, thereby receiving many good strokes. The persecutor is one who harasses or oppresses another with ill treatment. These 3 roles work together to sustain any drama. Each participant receives a negative payoff for maintaining their position in this egoic pattern. Each participant may change their role in the triangle at any time.

Triangulation Picture


Truth - as known by the mind includes "statements proven or accepted to be true", and "conformity to fact or actuality". Truth as known by the Heart includes authenticity, sincerity, honesty, and God.


Turn Your Cup Over - releasing your personal attachment to your life; letting your Soul be your point of reference, not your ego.
Lite meaning: letting Love run wild in your Impersonal affairs.



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