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Unfinished Mommy/Daddy Business - the deep realization of how one shows up like mommy or daddy with specific behaviors or actions. For example, your mother was a people pleaser. In order to have felt loved by her or others, you might have taken on this same behavior as a child. You find yourself still needing to please people as an adult. This is a survival mechanism that runs your life. As such, it does not allow you the freedom to choose your behaviors or actions. Rebellion is choosing the opposite behavior from your parent, an "I'll show you" attitude. This too restricts you from the freedom of choice. (see Negative Love Syndrome)


Union - the joining of two or more Souls in Love; the joining of ego-self and Soul in Love; the joining of "I" and God in Love. This can occur whether the Souls are in or out of embodiment.


Urgency - the hallmark of the ego; a compelling or insistent need; disregards Divine Order through impatience and pushing against the flow.


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