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Do you believe you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience?
Do you believe your Love is the most powerful thing on the planet?

 If not, why not?
Do you believe your personal drama is competing with your Spiritual life?


If your answer is YES, you are in the right place at the right time.




the silent awe that enraptures the mind in a moment of beholding exquisite beauty, when all trying to be anyone or do anything falls away.

closer than your breath. Beyond thought. Within thought. The space that enfolds every particle of matter.

impersonal. Beyond energy. Beyond life and death…and…

personal. Making love to me through your eyes, your touch, your kiss. Personal. In my Heart. A Presence of solid peace. A radiant Light that feels warm, all-embracing. Compassionate Love.

the joy that sings in my cells, resonating my bones, seeking expression in creative flow.

in my silent listening as I slip through the cracks between thoughts, perception, judgment into Eternal Now.

You ask me how I can presume to know God.

I know nothing. I experience GOD IS because I am open to feel, to listen, to see into the Heart of everything…

…expecting nothing.

Are you open?


Follow the buttons on the left as a road map for clearing your interior landscape and creating more space for God to be fully present in and as you.
Next Focus in Divine Consciousness: Find out how you operate from patterns imprinted since early childhood by your mother and father.
Poetry and Prose: Experience the journey of individuals who have transformed their negative patterns into Love.
Esoteric Teachings: Esoteric teachings are known by the Heart, not by the mind. Change your perception by thinking God Thoughts instead of ego thoughts.
Psychological: Explore how to look inside of yourself for Love: instead of outside yourself. Identify roles you have learned from your family. See how you repeatedly play them out in your life.
Mysticism: Awaken your mystic nature, the passionate Love of God within you. What was once held secret is now fully revealed here. This (segment) will inspire you to enter that state of union and communion with God.
Art: God Art in all forms will be used throughout this web site to inspire and heighten your experience.


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