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We have been given a format by Soul, to help clear away the negative patterning we learned in our childhoods. This is an important aspect of doing The Work. We can bring clarity to our ego patterns through this Soul-created format. We can clear that which no longer serves us in order to make room for the infilling of Soul. This leads to the manifestation of life as we want it. The process given to us, called the Next Focus in Divine Consciousness, outlines a procedure for raising awareness and releasing that which limits us. It is exciting work. It is challenging work. It is courageous work. It is life changing and life enhancing. It is on-going. We are blessed to have this succinct format which allows us to look at all of our early imprinting. Now it's up to us to begin in the Next Focus In Divine Consciousness.

The following illustration is a representation of the various topic areas that are covered on the Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Worksheets. This process involves written responses. It entails deep introspection into what was true for us in our childhood, and what is true for us now as adults.


Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Clock

1:00 position - Divine Set-up
2:00 position - Drama/Negative Feelings
3:00 position - Realizations / Ego Talk / Negative Thoughts
4:00 position - Worst End Scenario
5:00 position - Psychological Perspective: Who/What Imprinted You
6:00 position - Payoff And Negative Power Behind Payoff
7:00 position - What I Need To Change Inside Myself
8:00 position - Current Patterns In Your Adult Life
9:00 position - Triangulations
10:00 position - Negative Rules / Admonitions From Childhood
11:00 position - Soul Perspective / Two Practices
12:00 position - Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts


What follows is an example of a completed Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Worksheet.

I Am Unable To Financially Provide For Myself And My Family


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Completed Next Focus Outline Worksheets:

I Lost My Daughter!

I Am A Pressure Addict

My Lover Has Left Me For Someone Else

I Do Not Trust God, My Soul, or Myself

I Am Afraid To Stand In The Truth Of My Being, 24 Hours A Day

God Is

There Is No God

I Abuse Myself Covertly And Overtly

I Abuse Others Covertly And Overtly

I Am Unable To Financially Provide For Myself And My Family

How I Honor, Support, And Take Pride In Myself



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Word Index

These words take you to a list of titles in which you will find the following:

Awakening Mystic
Body Negative Feelings
Change / Transformation Neutrality / Isness
Choices Next Focus Sheets
Consciousness Not Enough / Less Than
Creativity Oneness / Together
Death / Dying Paradox
Divine Father Peace
Divine Mother Polarities
Divine Order Positive Feelings
Divine Set-Up Real / Illusion
Divinity Self-Love
Ego Self-Realization
Energy Serene Center of Being Within the Heart
Eternal / Divine Shadow
Family Shame
Giving / Receiving Soul Agreement
God Soul / Being
Heart Spiritual Muscle
Humanity Surrender
Inner Planes The Big Lie
Inspiration The Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts
Language of Light The Practices
Life The Silence
Light The Work
Love Triangulation
Mystery School Trust



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