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Negative Feelings

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Below, you will find a list of writings that relate to the topic above.

Please be aware that there is a sister site associated with God Direct called Soul on Line. Some of the titles below will take you directly to the Soul on Line site. Use your browser's "back" button to return to this site once you have enjoyed the piece.

Please choose a title from the list, click on it, and enjoy!

Mysticism - God Direct

Eternal Presence


Mysticism - Soul on Line

Coming Home

Soul - Soul on Line

My Soul's Gift Of Beauty

Death and Dying - Soul on Line

On Grieving


Mind / Emotion - God Direct

Childhood Abuse, Self-Abuse, And Healing

Ego Just Wants To Be Loved

The Circle Of Rage

The Ego Is Not The Enemy

What You Focus On Expands

From Rage To Love

The Payoffs Of The Victim, Savior, And Persecutor In All Triangulations

Rage: Ways We Leak Our Rage


The Victim's Payoff

You Ask Of Me

How Does One Love Oneself?

Psychology Of Triangulation

Rage Runs Me

Raised in a Fear-Based Family

Steps to Change a Negative Feeling to Love

Toxic Shame by Leo Booth/John Bradshaw

Living Your Life, Living Your Death

The Big Lie

Next Focus in Divine Consciousness - God Direct

I Am Unable To Financially Provide For Myself And My Family

I Abuse Others Covertly And Overtly

I Abuse Myself Covertly And Overtly

God Is

There is No God

I am afraid to stand in the Truth of my Being, 24 hours a day

I Do Not Trust God, My Soul, or Myself

My Lover Has Left Me For Someone Else

I Am A Pressure Addict

I Lost My Daughter!

Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Outline

Divine Love - Soul on Line

Allow Divine Love To Flow Through You

Prose - God Direct

Touched By An Angel

Love Or Fear

Conscious Relationship

"Gods" Of The Childhood Versus God Within

A New Place

Freedom: Then and Now


Prose - Soul on Line

Perfectionism As A Tool Of Transformation

"Isness" And The Moment


Beauty: My Companion For Life

Poetry - God Direct

Turning Point

I Choose Again

My Beloved Shadow

My Shadow


Twilight Zone




I Miss You

My Mother / Myself

On Embracing the Shadow

Relentless Heart

Thou Shalt Not Kill


Poetry - Soul on Line

The Mirror - - Looking At My Inner Child

Song To Soul

Stone and Sand

Life - God Direct


Compassion and Forgiveness

Kids' Letters To God

Remembering Who We Are

Surrender To Love

The Breath Of Death

Dreams Becoming...



Secret Addiction


Wordless Volumes


Life - Soul on Line

Transformed Fear = Love

Perfectionism Then And Now


My Twin

Humor - God Direct

35 Great Reasons To Be A Man

God Jokes



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