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The Practices

#8 Reference Soul In All Decision Making

Each new moment presents an opportunity to make decisions in our lives. From the very mundane and minuscule, to the seemingly large, earth-shattering decisions. Instead of accessing our little minds to determine a course of action, we practice going into the Serene Center of our Being within our Hearts and asking for guidance from Soul. From what to wear, what to eat, where to go, what to say, when NOT to speak: all of the ongoing decisions of life can be simply, clearly given by Soul. For those monumental decisions which seem so very important to us, Soul can be trusted completely to guide us through each step to take. We need but open to this on-going wellspring of guidance. Soul is our gateway to Awakening.

I ask Soul to escort me through life. This frees me up from exhausting energy leaks of doubt, fear, regret, or dread. Full Trust and Faith come when, time after time, I see the positive results in my life of surrendering to this practice. When I bought my house, I watched as all of the pieces fell into place to facilitate a peaceful, easy purchase. I realized how surrendering to Soul opens up possibilities for us well beyond the limitations of our little minds. Soul gently guides us through life if we are open to this practice. Ask and ye shall receive. All will be given unto you. But first we must ask and then listen to the guidance from Soul.


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