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Language of Light - symbols, images, and words used to communicate the energy of God Consciousness in everyday terms. This Language is both universal and eternal. (see Everything is a Symbol)
 Lite meaning: This is what you are reading right now.


Living Your Death - living from an ego-centered awareness, using fear/rage as motivating forces in your life.


Looking In - "seeing" on the Inner Planes via the doorway of the Heart. Referencing the Soul in all decision making.


Love - is energy; it sustains all form and formlessness; our true identity. Love lives in the Heart. It is the Glue of the Universe. It is a Soul quality. (see Soul Qualities)


Lower Bodies - the 4 lower bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Called "lower" bodies because they vibrate at a much slower rate than Soul. Ego is resident in all 4 of them. (see Bodies)


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